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ACA Sports Council

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ACA Sports Council
Foundation 1972
Location Ashland, OR, USA
Country Flag usa.gif United States
President Dr. Sherri LaShomb Flag usa.gif United States
Website Sports Council Web Site


The ACA Sports Council, was founded in 1972 at a congress of the American Chiropractic Association by Dr. Leonard Schroeder, supported by Drs James Ransom, Sidney Birdsley, William Womer, and DeVerne Lehman. Dr. Schroeder presided over the Council until 1986.


The ACA Sports Council, is a subordinate agency of the American Chiropractic Association, its members, however, are individual members of the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS) because the Council has become a National member of the Federation.

Awards Presented

The Council issue various awards for DC's who make a difference, in addition those below, they have issued the Pinnacle award for non-DC's who contributed; and the "Appreciation Award" for various other contributions:

The "Hall of Fame" Award

The ACA Sports Council Hall of Fame Award [1] honors the ultimate achievement in sports and fitness, for on-going outstanding service to the profession and the ACA Sports Council, and accomplishment in sports chiropractic.

The recipients of this honor to date, include:

Recipient Year Inducted
Earl Painter, DC [2]
August L. Schultz, DC, PhC [2]
Leonard Schroeder, DC [2]
Robert Reed, DC [2]
John Nash, DC [2]
Joseph Santiago, DC [1] 1991
Bob Hazel, DC [2]
John Danchik, DC [3]
Tom Hyde, DC [2] 2001
Phil Santiago, DC [4] 2005
Robin Hunter 2013

Chiropractor of the Year Award

Recipient[5] Year Inducted Congress
Jan Corwin 1989 Unknown
Not presented 1990 Orlando, FL
Not Presented 1991 San Diego,CA
Not Presented 1992 Orlando, FL
Phil Santiago 1993 Santa Barbara, CA
Not Presented 1994 Unknown
Ted Forcum 1995 Hilton Head, HI
Robert Monokian 1996 Atlanta, GA
Michael Reed 1997 Los Angeles, CA
Tim Brown 1998 Baltimore, MD
Amor Adams 1999 Los Angeles, CA
William Moreau 2000 Unknown
Joe Horrigan 2001 Denver, CO
Kathleen Baumgartner [6] 2002 Roanoake, VA
Not Presented 2003 Unknown
Ted Forcum 2004 San Francisco, CA
Ira Shapiro 2005 Orlando, FL
Val Gambina & Joanne Fava 2006 Orlando, FL
Richard Gorman 2007 Beaverton/Nike
Angela Salcedo 2008 St Louis/Logan
Sherri LaShomb 2009 St Louis, MO
William Bonsall [7] 2010 Portland
Unknown 2011 San Juan, PR
Josh Glass 2013 East Rutherford, NJ

Past Presidents

President[8] Term of Service
Len Schroeder, Founder 1974-1986
Robert H. Hazel, Jr. 1987-1989
John Danchik 1989–1991
Jan Corwin 1991–1993
Tom Hyde 1993-1995
Robin Hunter 1995-1997
Rob Monokian 1997-1999
Margaret Karg 1999-2000
Carl Heigl 2000-2001
Tim Ray 2001-2003
William Bonsall 2003-2005
Jeff Solomon 2005-2007
Sheila Wilson 2008-2009
Ted Forcum [7] 2009-2010
Guillermo Bermudez [7] 2010-2011
Sherri LaShomb 2012-2015


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External Links

Sports Council Web Site