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American College of Chiropractors

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American College of Chiropractors
Foundation Sept. 24, 1924
Location Wash. DC, USA
Country Flag usa.gif United States
President Dr. Tom Ventimiglia [1]Flag usa.gif United States
Website none

The American College of Chiropractors was chartered in Washington, DC, on Sept 24, 1924 as a not for profit corporation. Its charter calls for "perpetual existence", and the official address is in Washington, DC. The purpose was to have a "transcendent influence on the future of chiropractic". The college does not allow commercialization of Chiropractic, and it only accepts the best and brightest, and claim to be composed of a number of America's pre-eminent Chiropractors.


The American College of Chiropractors (ACC), a New York-based honors society[2], emphasized that since chiropractors study basic science subjects more from a mechanical—rather than a chemical—viewpoint, and since they adjust the cause of disease rather than the effect of it, only another chiropractor could evaluate their competency. With this argument, ACC attempted to ward off the threat of composite boards of examiners and also to counteract basic science legislation that began emerging in l925.


Any DC who is a graduate of an accredited Chiropractic college may apply, and provide details of his/her scientific accomplishments, professional and academic training, and the positions they hold clinically, socially, officially, and in their communities as responsible citizens. On such verifiable, notarized evidence submitted, they may then be elected or denied admittance to Fellowship in the College.

Distinguished "Fellows"

inter alia:

  • Dr. Gil Allen
  • Dr. Benjamin Bartolotto
  • Dr. Richard Brassard
  • Dr. Richard C. Brown
  • Dr. Barry Burak
  • Dr. A.G. Buxton (Chancellor)
  • Dr. Ann M. (Gowdy) Carpenter
  • Dr. Richard Carnival (Past-President) [3][4]
  • Dr. Frank Cartica
  • Dr. Patrick M Casey
  • Dr. Matthew C. Coté
  • Dr. Robert Crocker, Jr.
  • Dr. John Danchik
  • Dr. John L. De Cicco

  • Dr. Thomas R. DeVita
  • Dr. Stephen Eble
  • Dr. Karen Erickson
  • Dr. Arnold M. Goldschmidt
  • Dr. Lloyd Henby
  • Dr. Ali Jafari
  • Dr. Edwin G. Kribs
  • Dr. Kenneth J. Laux
  • Dr. Frank S. Lizzio
  • Dr. Richard Loia
  • Dr. Fabrizio Mancini
  • Dr. Frank G. Moore (Frank Goodwin), 1856-1933
  • Dr. Michael O’Connor
  • Dr. B.J. Palmer

Doctor of Humane Letters (Honoris Causa)- Degrees Awarded

The FACC apparently from time to time has awarded a honorary degrees,during the commencement exercises at the New York Chiropractic College
recipients have included:

  • Dr. Robert Daley, PhD, A member of the Board of Trustees at NYCC
  • Mr. Louis DiLorenzo, Esq., General Counsel for NYCC
  • Mr. Horace Elliot, Educator, and exec. VP of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE)
  • Mr. John Peccia, A member of the Board of the D'Youville College, with a Department of Chiropractic
  • Mr. George Souhan, A member of the Board of Trustees at NYCC

Admission requirements

  • Nomination by an existing Fellow.
  • Graduate from a Chiropractic College that the ACC designates as a "Class A" institution.
  • Licensed to practice at least ten years * in the US or Canada.

(*unless otherwise engaged in Chiropractic research, scientific work, roentgenology or teaching.)


The College is supported entirely by endowments, gifts and fees.


C/o Dr. Tom Ventimiglia [1], President
70 Division Ave
Levittown, New York 11756

  • Vice-President: Frank Lizzo, DC
  • Treasurer: Serge Nerli, DC


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