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Artificial sweeteners as cause of diabetes

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Bad news for users of artificial sweeteners, comes from a report from the prestigious Weitzman institute in Israel. The reseasch shows that zero calorie sweeteners, such as Aspartame, Sucralose and Saccharin can alter the population of bacteria in the gut, known as the "biome" and trigger unwanted changes such as higher blood glucose levels, and thus a become a risk factor for diabetes. While some studies have shown that such sweeteners can lead to weight loss, numerous others have indicated that they lead to weight gain. One reason this is not completely clear is the question of whether people who are overweight gravitate to zero calorie sweeteners, or do zero calories sweeteners cause the gain in weight? The American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association feel that it's the former. The sweitzman study published in the journal "Nature" makrs a significant advance, becasue it brings together two disparate areas of research --- the role of sweeteners in raising blood sugar levels, and the complex workings of the human biome. I.e. as people have differeing colonies of bacteria in their guts, they may have differing reactions to the chemicals. [1][2] The full article can be read HERE.


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