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August L. Schultz

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Dr. August L. Schultz

August L. Schultz, DC, PhC
Born August 25, 1904
Died Abt 1992 [1]
Mitchell, SD
Nationality American
Education Chiropractic
Alma mater Lincoln School of Chiropractic [1]
Occupation Chiropractic Physician Author
Years active 1930's - 2000's
Home town Mitchell, SD
Known for The 1st DC to Serve a major University as Team Doctor
Title Physician, (DC)
Spouse(s) Myrna D. Schultz, DC [2]

August L. Shultz, DC, PhC, was a Chiropractor practicing in Mitchell, South Dakota. He graduated in the 1940's from the Lincoln School of Chiropractic (which was absorbed into National College of Chiropractic. He is notable for having been one of the first Doctors of Chiropractic to serve as a team doctor for a major university team, having served as trainer for Dakota Wesleyan University. He was an author and inventor, with ten patents for orthopedic supports [3]. He was married to Myrna D. Schultz, DC who also went to Lincoln School of Chiropractic after an illness was helped only by Chiropractic. [1] They had no children. But, they were a part of a whole family of DC's. Myrna's brother Dr. Albrecht, and his son Bruce all joined the profession.[1]


Dr. Shultz was the second inductee into the ACA Sports Council Hall of Fame, inducted in ______. [4]


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  • US3970081 Jul 20, 1976 Tennis elbow brace [5]
  • US3992238 Nov 16, 1976 Method for molding a protective pad [5]
  • US4532921 Aug 6, 1985 Knee joint bandage [5]
  • US4938207 Jul 3, 1990 Knee brace having plurality of fluid filled chambers surrounding knee [5]
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