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CCGPP on Trigger Points and Myofascial pain syndrome

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Trigger points and myofascial pain syndrome

  • Evidence level B (moderately strong evidence) – manual therapies provide immediate pain relief for trigger points (TrPs) [1]
  • Evidence level C (limited evidence) – supporting manual therapies for long term use in management of TrPs and myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) [1]
  • Level A (substantial evidence) – laser therapy is effective for TrPs and MPS [1]
  • Level B – TENS may be effective for immediate relief for TrPs [1]
  • Level C – (frequency modulated neural stimulation) FREMS, (high-voltage galvanic stimulation) HVGS, (electrical muscle stimulation) EMS and Interfential current (IFC) [1]
  • Level C – ultrasound no more effective than placebo [1]
  • Level B - magnets may be effective for TrPs and MPS [1]
  • Level B – deep acupuncture for TrPs for up to 3 months [1]