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CMT in upper extremity

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CMT - Upper Extremity

Literature synthesis

CCGPP Chiropractic Management of Upper Extremity Pain

  • Fair evidence (Grade B) for manual and manipulative therapy (MMT) alone or in combination with multimodal treatments for
  • Lateral epicondylopathy in short term (≤ 3-6 months) [1]
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome in short term [1]
  • TMJ disorders in short term [1]
  • Insufficient evidence (Grade I) for MMT and multimodal treatment for other wrist, hand and finger disorders in the short term [1]
  • Multimodal treatments include manipulation, mobilization, exercise, strengthening and stretching, soft tissue therapies, mobilization or manipulation instruments, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, splinting or orthoses, electrical and mechanical modalities and other myofascial, functional and soft tissue techniques [1]