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Charles Wilbert Turner

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Dr. Charles W. Turner

Charles Wilbert Turner, DC
Born ca 1895
Died April 21, 1983
Nationality American
Education Chiropractic
Occupation Chiropractic Physician Trainer
Years active 1920's to 1980's
Known for Sports Doctor, and "Trainer"
Title Physician, (DC)
Spouse(s) Ada

Charles Wilbert "Doc" Turner, DC,ND, DO, D.Sc., OMD [1] 1895 - 1983 [2]was a legend in Sports Chiropractic circles. As one of the early pioneers to break into working with college teams and pro athletes. Despite his obvious erudition, he accepted the title of "trainer" to be with the sportsmen he loved. "Doc" Turner was the LIU athletics trainer during the 1970's. He worked as a trainer for nearly 60 years, including a tenure as trainer for the New York Nets.

Turner worked every Olympics from 1928 to 1976, and was a trainer in the Negro Leagues, as well as trainer for the Harlem Globetrotters for five years. He lectured in Israel, Venezuela, Jamaica and throughout Europe. [3]

He was inducted into the National Athletic Trainer's Hall of Fame in 1975. [3]
He was inducted into the Long Island University "Hall of Fame" posthumously in 2002. [4]