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Chiropractic Sports Medicine

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Chiropractic Sports Medicine
Abbreviated title (ISO) CSM
Language English
Edited by Robert H. Hazel, Jr., DC
Publication details
Publisher Williams and Wilkins (Flag usa.gif United States)
Publication history 1987-1996
OCLC number 10374

Chiropractic Sports Medicine, was a journal published by Williams and Wilkins, [1] (Baltimore, MD) from January 1987 (Vol. 1, No. 1) to 1996, when CSM was renamed the Journal of Sports Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. It was the official Journal of the ACA Sports Council and for a time for the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS) as well. CSM was one of the first peer reviewed scientific journals in Chiropractic, and had articles cited in numerous other well known scientific journals.

Its Editor-in-Chief was Robert H. Hazel, Jr., DC.


The journal got its start, when Dr. Stephen Press, then Chairman of International Affairs, on the Board of Directors of the ACA Sports Council, went to the US Olympic Academy at Indiana University, IN, and while browsing the exhibits, mentioned to someone he thought was a salesperson at the W&W booth, that he thought that "since there's a Board Certification for Sports chiropractic now, and a DC has been named to the rank of "Fellow" in the American College of Sports Medicine, that perhaps there ought to be a Journal in Sports Chiropractic?". The representative turned out to be Deanna Gemmel, who was journals acquisitions editor for W&W, and she loved the idea. She asked for a meeting, and Dr. Press called Dr. Hazel, who flew out to IU. A contract was signed later that year, on ratification by the Board of Directors of the Council.