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Chiropractic Technique vs. Technic

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Virtually all DeJarnette books [1] published from 1929 through 1966 used a variation of “technique,” spelled as “technic.” Once he began using this variation, as for instance, “ Sacro Occipital Technic” or “ Technic and Practice of Bloodless Surgery” or “ Extremity Technic,” he would continue its use, as new books were written using this title. However, it appears he realized in the mid-1960s that the use of Technic was considered archaic and was replaced with Technique. Therefore, all his new books written from 1966 forward no longer used “Technic” and instead utilized the spelling “Technique” as for instance, “Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique” or “ Cranial Technique.”

In the 2009 book produced by the Chiropractic Library Collaboration [2], entitled, “Chiropractic Subject Headings,” (ChiroSH) on page 3 they discuss the use of the word Technique versus Technic. They state, “Several changes were made to the Sixth Edition of ChiroSH. Most notable is the switch from “Technic” to “Technique” for named chiropractic technique headings. This change brings ChiroSH in line with MeSH [Medical Subject Headings], which abandoned the use of “Technic” for “Technique” in the 1990s. It also reflects current chiropractic terminology [3].”