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Complementary, and Alternative Medicine

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Def: AM, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine. Pursuant to the policies of the WFC[citation needed], Chiropractic is NOT CAM. Chiropractic is mainstream healthcare.

Popularity of CAMs

In this study the authors indicated that consumer demand for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is motivation for more managed care organizations (MCO’s) and insurance companies to assess the clinical and cost benefits of incorporating CAM into their health plans. Providers identified “consumer demand” as the most critical factor underlying their decision to offer CAM coverage. Companies surveyed in the study tended to rate “retaining existing enrollees” as being more important than in previous years. It is equally certain that there is a rapidly growing consumer demand for CAM. Market demand is one of the primary motivators for offering coverage of CAM, with consumer interest similarly cited as a key factor. [1].


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