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Eat Butter

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In what for most people will be an earthskaking chane in direction, Bryan Walsh lays out the history and science behind this revolutionary shift in nutritional thought. Naturally those in Chiropractic who practice nutritional medicine, have known this since at least 2010, when a major meta study showed this was a fundamental truth and the National Metabolic Society put it on their website. Another major study published in March 2010 in the annal of Internal Medicine backed this up, concluding that there was no evidence supporting low consumption of saturated fats, or high consumption of poly-unsaturated fats as being beneficial. Dr. Rajiv Chowdhury said at cambridge, that there "remains a lot more work to do".

Get a copy of this great article on your newstand this week.

Seee this article on the Nutrition and Metabolism Society : Enjoy your fats, they're good for you!