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ANNOUNCING - Major new addition to WikiChiro's functionality!!
Robert Press BS, MS-72.png

Our in house technical genius, Dr. Robert Press, has managed to get a feature working in our wiki, which has eluded nearly all Wiki's but the big one.

It's called "Transclusion of languages". What does this mean in English? It means that at the bottom of each article's page, if the same article is available in another language on one of our other Wiki's, then you can add a direct link to that page without having to type an absolute URL address like an outside link. For example at the base of the article on Chiropractic, you will see the language links to the articles in both Ukrainian and the brief description of Chiropractic in our Arabic Wiki.

They look like this:

This means that as we get someone to start editing in Italian, French, Spanish, and German, every article can be linked to all other versions in all our wikis. This may seem trivial to the technically challenged, but the feat is really impressive technologically. Congrats Dr. Rob!

Also, as all our wikis are sharing one database now, backing our site is that much easier, and any necessary restores are as well. But, best of all, this all means that all of the Templates can now be used by any language Wiki on our site, so they no longer have to be completely redone. As there are literally thousands of templates, this is huge!