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English WikiChiro:Today's featured article/August 21, 2012

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Dr. Medhat Allatar, ar-WikiChiro's new admin
Arabic language opens!

Dr. Medhat Alattar, a our Scientific Board member has volunteered to Admin the new Arabic language WikiChiro. Dr. Alattar has been working diligently behind the scenes to learn the ins and outs of Wiki administration and has written numerous articles, as well as developed a program to integrate writing for wikichiro in the Palmer Florida curriculum

Dr. Kharivskyy, uk-WikiChiro's new admin
Ukrainian language opens!

Dr. Nazar Kharivskyy, a US graduate returning to his native Ukraine is now the Admin in charge of a Ukrainian language WikiChiro. On July 29, Dr. Kharivskyy visited with our Board Chairman at his offices in Englewood, NJ on his way back to Lviv (Lvov) Ukraine.