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Governor Jon Corzine of New Jersey, in one of his last acts before Chris Christie was sworn in Jan. 19, signed S-565/(and Assembly bill) into law, significantly modernizing the Scope of Chiropractic Practice in New Jersey. (See new scope in Article) The new law, for all intents and purposes give exclusive rights to the practice of Naturopathy and Homeopathy to Chiropractic physicians in New Jersey. Allopathic physicians in the "garden State are prohibited from dispensing ANY food supplements, cell salts, Vitamins, (except as samples; and of course they can prescribe them), or other herbals, protomorphogens, etc. ONLY DC's can dispense and administer such products under the new regulations.

A new relationship has just commenced with a sister site, OurMed.Org has added a link to Wikichiro, which will now provide its sources for Chiropractic. Similarly, OurMed.Org, which has a very prestigious Board, will become the source for Wikichiro's articles on intrinsically medical conditions.

OurMed is a Medical Wiki-type site, with open sourced medical data, but with a difference; Ourmed is committed to honest integration of medical data and will require openness from its editors. And, Like WikiChiro, it will not accept totally biased reporting. Bravo! Viva, Ourmed!

Curiously, after the ugly battle between the anti-alternative health forces on Wikipedia, Dr. Stephen Press, co-founder of WikiChiro, has been named BUREAUCRAT (the highest level of privileges) on our sister site, Ourmed, by Florence Devouard a/k/a "anthere", who was Chairman of the Wikimedia Board and one of the founding members of the OurMed Board!

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