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This exciting project, now nearly four years old, is providing the World with a portal to information about our profession. Our Wiki is to be modeled after (but in no sense related to) Wikipedia, with a few basic differences.

  • 1.- WikiChiro should remain a Chiropractic domain. Naturally, we can look at other related alternative and complementary professions, IF they are rationally based, actually work, even if only empirically, AND they have at least SOME basis in rational scientific concepts. I feel very strongly that we should, remain mainstream. So: no crystal therapies, iridology, or dancing in Time's Square in grass skirts; unless you are FULLY prepared to back your ideas up in scientific studies; and,
  • 2.- Apropos that; WikiChiro should attempt to keep fringe elements out of the public face of this profession, and maintain a scientific and rational basis for any claims made by our contributors; and,
  • 3.- Like the biggest WikiSite, we need to stress that references are everything! In short, if you can't reference your claim, then you can't post it here; and,
  • 4.- We still need people who are native fluent in French, Italian, German, and Spanish, to become the administrators of those languages; and,
  • 5.- We are proud to say that we have many of the directors of research of the World's Chiropractic Colleges, participating in making this the forefront for Chiropractic research, and articles for the public. We created what we believe is a stellar Board of Directors, and are turning this into a non-profit foundation to perpetuate the database. Please log on, create an account, and say so on your talk page.
  • Finally: for those who would denigrate the largest NON-SURGICAL healing arts profession, by vandalizing this site. Know that you WILL be blocked, and then banned, very quickly under the same rules as on the majore Wikisites.

So...If you are here to help; PLEASE create an account; log in, and pitch in to help make this the premiere site in Chiropractic.

Let's empty the libraries of Chiropractic into this site and together we will make this THE go to place for Chiropractic data.

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