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European Chiropractic Union

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European Chiropractic Union

European Chiropractic Union
Abbreviation ECU
Type NGO
Purpose/focus Professional
Headquarters At the offices of its Sec'y-Gen'l
Region served All European Nations
Membership Chiropractors
Secretary General Secretary General
President Øystein Ogre, DC
Website ECU Site

The European Chiropractic Union, is the federation of all European national association for the profession. The European Chiropractors' Union (ECU) was created in London in 1932 by Great Britain, Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland. Presently 22 National Chiropractors' Associations are members of the Union.[1]

Mission Statement

The European Chiropractors' Union (ECU) is established to promote the development of Chiropractic in Europe as well as to pursue the interests of Chiropractic as a science and a profession by research, teaching, publications and legal activities. It represents the Chiropractic profession in Europe on a supranational level.

Aims and Objectives

  • To achieve legislation in those countries that do not have it
  • To harmonise legislation across Europe to conform to and embrace our professional and educational standards
  • To establish full-time university based education programmes to masters level, which conform to European Council on Chiropractic education standards, for chiropractic in as many countries as possible
  • To represent the European chiropractic profession throughout Europe and defend its principles
  • To be the political representative body of the European chiropractic profession within the EU
  • To ensure a high quality chiropractic research programme within Europe
  • To increase patient safety, quality and accessibility of care and health in Europe

Members Nations

Great Britain


Executive Council

Øystein Ogre

  • 1st Vice President

Francine Denis

  • Treasurer

Vasileios Gkolfinopoulos

  • Secretary General

Richard Brown


There are two primary committees. [3]

Research Council

The Research Council's main objectives are:

  • To evaluate research proposals and make funding decisions based on relevance and impact potential, quality of proposal (draft protocol) and feasibility. Prioritization of proposals is done according to approved strategy and available funds.
  • To establish and manage a European Chiropractic Research Register, primarily aimed at monitoring European research related to chiropractic. It is the RC’s long term vision to expand the Register’s functions to include tracking previously published studies as well as current research activities, both to assess what is scientifically known in the fields of interest and to identify research needs.
  • To promote research in areas of identified needs by calling for research proposals.
  • To support chiropractors who wish to pursue research in an academic setting to higher degrees (MPhil, PhD, etc).
  • To develop and regularly update a goal-oriented and transparent research funding strategy.

Council Members

  • Sidney Rubinstein
  • Alan Breen
  • Norbert Frayman
  • Lise Hestbaek

European Academic Council

  • Martin Wangler - Dean
  • Richard Brown - Secretary General
  • Øystein Ogre- President of ECU
  • Lise Lothe - Registrar
  • Jenni Bolton - Academic Affairs
  • Gitte Toner - Convention Organiser


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