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FICS' Gold Medal

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FICS' Gold medal
Awarded for The "Highest Award in Sports Chiropractic, Internationally"
Date June 30, 1991 (1991-06-30)
Location Lausanne
Country Switzerland
Presented by International Federation of Sports Chiropractic
Currently held by Stephen Press; Noel Patterson
Official website

The FICS' Gold medal is an award presented by the Board of Directors of the "FICS" (International Federation of Sports Chiropractic, from time to time, when they determine that a member of the profession has made "such a significant contribution" to the field of sports chiropractic that it merits awarding the "highest award which can be bestowed upon a sports chiropractor, Internationally" [1]. In the history of the FICS, which was founded in 1987, in London, England [2], this medal has been presented only twice. Recipients of the Medal receive Honorary Lifetime membership in FICS and until the most recent incarnation of the FICS Statutes, a vote in the FICS' General Assembly.


The award was originally conceived of by the FICS' founder, (and approved by the FICS Board of Directors). It was originally intended to be presented to H.E. Juan Antonio Samaranch, anticipating that the IOC under his administration would "recognize" FICS[1] . In 1988, there was an historic meeting at the Présidence of the IOC in Lausanne between Dr. Press and Mr. Samaranch to discuss the matter. It was referred to the IOC Medical Commission's chairman, S.A., Alexandre de Merode, and 12 years later, Mr. Samaranch had never so much as received the courtesy of an answer. This was why he took it upon himself to order Chiropractic participation in the Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. As FICS' "recognition" by the IOC is still pending, but actively supported by the World Olympian's Association (WOA) through the International Sports Chiropractic Association (ISCA). The award was never presented to Mr. Samaranch, and the original, a magnificent 18k gold and cloisonné enamel medal, suspended on a solid black onyx base, was presented to the first recipient. Thereafter, the medal was a gold medallion, attached to a plaque.


Dr. Stephen J. Press

In 1991 - at a meeting, appropriately held in New Jersey, it was presented to Dr. Stephen J. Press USA, for his contributions in having founded the federation [1]. During Dr. Press's administration, FICS received recognition from the Supreme Council of Olympic Committees of Africa, the USSR State Sports Committee and achieved membership in ICSSPE, attained status with UNESCO, and filed it's application for recognition with Sport Accord (then known as "GAISF"; moreover all known national Chiropractic associations at that time became members. [1]

Dr. Noel Patterson

In 1993 - at a meeting at London's Royal Aeronautical Society, it was presented to Dr. Noel Patterson, (AUS) then immediate past-president and Charter Member of the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic, for "lifetime achievement". It was during Dr. Patterson's administration that FICS achieved membership in Sport Accord (formerly GAIFS). [3]


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