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Joseph A. Santiago

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Dr. Joseph A. Santiago

Joseph A. Santiago, DC, FICC
Nationality American
Education Chiropractic
Alma mater Logan College of Chiropractic
Occupation Chiropractic Physician Team Doctor
Years active 1950's-2000
Home town Newark, NJ
Known for Chiropractic Puioneer
Title Chiropractor, (DC)

Dr. Joseph A. Santiago, DC, FICC, of Newark, New Jersey was the fourth member inducted into the American Chiropractic Association (ACA)'s Chiropractic Sports Medicine Hall of Fame [1].

Dr. Santiago, a 1940 graduate of Logan College [2],was one of the first chiropractors to pioneer the application of biomechanics and sports injuries.

Since 1951, Dr. Santiago was the league physician for the Newark Police Athletic League [2] and was actively involved in the care of athletes. He was league physician for the semi-professional Schaefer Soccer League for 25 years [2]. He served as the medical director for the Newark City Marathon, [2] and Cherry Blossom races, and for Pop Warner Football in Newark. [2]

Named to the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness in New Jersey, [2] Dr. Santiago was an associate professor in chiropractic sports medicine at New York Chiropractic College [2] (NYCC). Since 1979, he taught the NYCC Sports Injury Certification program, and had considerable input in the development of the diplomate program for the ACA Sports Council. He was a staff physician to the New Jersey State Athletic Commission.[2]

Dr. Santiago was awarded a fellowship in the International College of Chiropractors [2] and was a member of the Fédération Internationale de Chiropratique Sportive [2]


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