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Malpractice rate comparison

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EDITORIAL : NB- This article is an editorial. However, it is well documented, and written by an individual with first hand knowledge of the subject. WikiChiro allows some editorials when they contribute to a better understanding of the subject. The content/opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of WikiChiro or any of its Directors.

Sometimes potential patients re afraid to try Chiropractic, either because some MD told them not to because of some imagined "dangers", due to misinformation, or outright prejudice, or just due to the patient's own ignorance. One factor that can alter one's perspective, is the objective basis of malpractice rates various doctors pay. These rates are not determined by the AMA or the Chiropractic association; they are set by actuaries, statistical specialists who are only interested in the risk factors to which potential patients are exposed by seeing a given doctor. They have no dog in the race. They really don't care if your're an MD or a DC. These factors are pure mathematical science, and are then given to an underwriter who establishes a rate, doctor by doctor.

In one study of malpractice rates paid by MD's published in the Digest of Medical Economics, the following table of rates paid was listed: [1]

  • Obstetrics/gynecology: $43,400
  • Surgery: $30,000
  • Plastic surgery: $27,700
  • Urology: $23,500
  • Gastroenterology: $20,000
  • Cardiology: $19,400
  • Neurology/neurosurgery: $17,500
  • Emergency/acute care: $15,000
  • Hospitalists: $15,000
  • Ophthalmology: $12,300
  • Dermatology: $10,300
  • Pediatrics: $10,300

These are yearly rates, for what is on average called $1,000,000.00/$3,000,000.00 coverage; and are merely average numbers, SOME physicians pay vastly more, with some OB/GYN's paying as much as $100,000.00/year and up!

In comparison, one doctor of Chiropractic in northern New Jersey, practicing sports and nutritional medicine, and even Manipulation under anesthesia (MUA), working Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, pays for the same $1,000,000.00/$3,000,000.00 coverage, just $1,900.00/year!

The insurance carriers know exactly how dangerous it is for you to see a given doctor...

So, the next time someone, anyone tells you that Chiropractic is dangerous, expose their lies, and ask "Doctor, why then do YOU pay so much more in malpractice insurance then the Chiropractor ?"