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Let's build little by little a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

What is WikiChiro;?

Who is hosting WikiChiro;?

How do I create an article?

You may first try editing existing articles, to get a feel for writing and for using the mark-up language;

You may also search WikiChiro first, to make sure that an article does not already exist on the project, perhaps under a different title. If the article already exists, feel free to make any constructive edits you feel are necessary.

There are three main ways to create a new article.

  1. If you read an already existing page and find a red link (that's a word written in red, underlined) to the topic you want to write about, click on the red link. It will open an empty page. Add text, then save. That's it!
  1. If you can not find any "red link", go to a related article, and edit this page. In the page, add the title of the page you want to create, with two brackets around. Like this: Title Of My Article. Save the page. The article will contain a red link. Click on the link to add content to the new page.
  1. If you are familiar with URL, you may edit the URL in your browser to give the name of the future article;

Be careful of respecting other people copyrights. If you copy some contents from Wikipedia, consider reading meta:Wikipedia first. And then PLEASE add the following to the bottom of your article: ATTRIB surrounded by double "curly" brackets, "Template:" and then ""

Please gather references to use as sources of your information. List references to your sources in the article;

How do I rename an article;?

Which Wiki Software does WikiChiro run?


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