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Palmer College of Chiropractic

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The first chiropractic school in the world in Davenport, Iowa

Palmer College of Chiropractic is a chiropractic school located in Davenport, Iowa. It was established in 1897 by Daniel David Palmer and is considered "The Fountainhead" as it was the first school of chiropractic in the world.[1] For many years, Palmer College of Chiropractic was the world's largest chiropractic school. Most early chiropractic schools were founded by Palmer alumni.

The college opened satellite campuses in San Jose, California in 1980 and in Port Orange, Florida in 2002. The Palmer Chiropractic University System unites all three campuses together as a non-profit organization governed by a single Board of Trustees.

Palmer School of Chiropractic has a rich history, directly correlating to that of Chiropractic. While D.D. Palmer began the school, his son, also known as the developer of chiropractic, B.J. Palmer, greatly expanded the scope of the school and laid the foundation for the campus and profession that exists today.

The college is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, and awards degrees at the associate, baccalaureate, masters and doctoral level.

Davenport Campus

The main campus of Palmer College of Chiropractic is located at 1000 Brady Street in Davenport, Iowa. This is the original school founded by Daniel David Palmer in 1897.

The Davenport Campus is located on a bluff in the Mississippi Valley area overlooking the Mississippi River. It is only blocks away from the location of the first chiropractic adjustment performed by D.D. Palmer in 1895.

The Davenport Campus is currently led by President Dr. Donald Kern, D.C.

The campus includes the Palmer College of Chiropractic Academic Health Center (which houses the Davenport Clinic, the outpatient clinic for the college), the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research, the Palmer Museum of Chiropractic History, the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library, the Vickie Anne Palmer Hall, and others.

West Campus

Palmer College's West campus was opened in 1980 in San Jose, California, at 90 East Tasman Drive. It is located in California's Bay Area and is not far from San Francisco.

Sports chiropractic is a popular form of care for many West Campus students. The West Campus Sports Council is one of the largest organizations of its kind. Sports Council members are certified students who provide care at athletic events throughout the Bay Area.

The West Campus is currently led by President William Meeker, D.C. a 1980 West Campus Graduate.

Florida Campus

The Florida Campus is the newest branch of Palmer College of Chiropractic. It was opened in 2002 at 4777 City Center Parkway, in Port Orange, Florida. It is the first chiropractic campus in the state and is the fastest-growing chiropractic program in the U.S.

The Florida Campus is currently led by President Peter Martin, D.C.


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