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Robert Armitage

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Dr. Robert Armitage

Robert Armitage, DC, FRCCSS(C)
Nationality Flag of Canada.png Canada
Education Chiropractic
Alma mater Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
Occupation Chiropractor
Years active 1980's-Present
Employer self
Home town Kitsilano, BC,CAN
Known for Sports Chiropractic
Title Chiropractor, (DC)
Board member of Royal College of Chiropractic Sport Science (Canada)

Robert Armitage, DC, FRCCSS(C), is a Chiropractor practicing primary care sports chiropractic in the Vancouver, BC, Canada community of Kitsilano where he has been in private practice since 1990. Dr. Armitage was born on __________, in ____________. He is a 1986 graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College[citation needed](CMCC).

Dr. Armitage began his academic studies at the University of Calgary,[citation needed] achieving Science degrees to a Masters level in Human Anatomy and Exercise Physiology. Upon receipt of his DCDegree and completion of his Internship, Dr. Armitage entered private practice and remained as a part-time faculty member at [Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College |CMCC]] in the Department of Health Sciences, Anatomy Division and Department of Clinical Sciences, Orthopedics Division[citation needed]. To pursue his interest in sports injuries, Dr. Armitage enrolled in a Field Residence program conducted by the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (RCCSS) of Canada, through Simon Fraser University[citation needed] from 1992-96. Dr. Armitage was awarded Fellowship Status in RCCSS(C) in 1996 following his successful completion of his academic, clinical and research studies and qualification examination[citation needed].

Dr. Armitage has served the provincial College of Chiropractic (licensing Board) as licensing examination author and proctor[citation needed]. He has served two consecutive posts on the Executive Board of Directors of SportMedBC,[citation needed] and is a Director and Fellowship Residency proctor in the RCCSS(C)[citation needed].

During Dr. Armitage’s pursuit of caring for the athlete, he was contracted as Team Chiropractor by the Grizzlies,[citation needed] Vancouver’s professional NBA team from 1995-2001. Dr. Armitage has continued to serve as Chiropractic consultant for primary care at Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre[citation needed] at UBC. Dr. Armitage also cares for the general public in their recreational and competitive athletic pursuits as well as competitors from Varsity, Provincial, National and Olympic levels[citation needed].

Most recently, since 2006, Dr. Armitage has been serving VANOC and IOC on the Medical Managers Team,[citation needed] under direction of CMO Dr. Jack Taunton, for the 2010 XXI Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.[citation needed] Dr. Armitage’s duties included management of all Chiropractic care in the two Athlete’s Village Polyclinics (Whistler and Vancouver) inside the Athletes Villages, select Venues, Spectator and Media centres as well as for the IOC families and members.