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Seymour Mac Goldstein

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Dr. Seymour (Mac) Goldstein

Seymour (Mac) Goldstein, DC
Born June 9, 1926
Brooklyn, NY
Nationality American
Education Chiropractic
Alma mater Chiropractic Institute of New York
Occupation Chiropractic Physician Team Doctor
Years active 1952- Present
Home town Brooklyn, NY
Known for Pioneering Sports Chiropractor
Title Chiropractor, (DC)

Seymour (Mac) Goldstein, DC, was born June 9, 1926 in NYC, and is a Chiropractor who practices in Brooklyn, and is a pioneer in then specialty of Sports Chiropractic. Dr. Goldstein graduated from both Atlantic States Chiropractic College and subsequently from Chiropractic Institute of New York (1952).


Seymour has been officially and unofficially the team DC at Madison Square Garden, in NYC for more than 50 years, working such meets as:

  • The Olympic Invitational meet [1]
  • The Colgate Games[2]
  • The Mobil Games [2]
  • The Milrose Games [3]
  • The Empire State Games [4]
  • The US Open [5] , and many others.

Dr. Goldstein remains the only DC to have been inducted by the NY City Police Commissioner (Kelly) as a Police Surgeon [6] in NYC.
He has been a consultant to coaches at:

  • Fairleigh Dickinson [1]
  • Brown [1] and
  • NYU [1]as well as other colleges on the east coast.

Seymour Goldstein has worked diligently and professionally always in the background, never promoting himself, but supporting all the world's greatest track athletes who come through New York City. He has been often quoted in major sports publications [7] [8], but rarely featured, due to his ethical demeanor. Most of all he has always been ready to help a younger Chiropractor get a start in sports chiropractic. Over the years he mentored such individuals as Drs. Stephen Press and Louis Leonardi.


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