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Template:Infobox university

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Type {{{type}}}
Religion {{{affiliation}}}
Financial endowment {{{endowment}}}
Officer in charge {{{officer_in_charge}}}
Chair (official) {{{chairman}}}
Chair (official) {{{chairperson}}}
Chancellor (education) {{{chancellor}}}
University president {{{president}}}
Dean (education) {{{vice-president}}}
University president {{{superintendent}}}
Provost (education) {{{provost}}}
Vice-Chancellor {{{vice_chancellor}}}
Rector {{{rector}}}
Principal (university) {{{principal}}}
Dean (education) {{{dean}}}
Director (education) {{{director}}}
Faculty (university)#North American usage {{{faculty}}}
Employment#Employee {{{staff}}}
Students {{{students}}}
Undergraduate education {{{undergrad}}}
Postgraduate education {{{postgrad}}}
Doctorate {{{doctoral}}}
Other students {{{other}}}
Location {{{location}}}
Campus {{{campus}}}
Former names {{{former_names}}}
Sports {{{sports}}}
Colors {{{colors}}}
Athletic nickname {{{nickname}}}
Mascot {{{mascot}}}
Athletics {{{athletics}}}
Affiliations {{{affiliations}}}
Website {{{website}}}
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