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The Mercy Guidelines

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The Mercy Center Consensus Conference - [1] 1993

This was the First-Ever Practice Guidelines By And For The Profession!

These published proceedings were the result of the landmark Mercy Center Consensus Conference in which chiropractic practitioners in the academic, clinical, political, and regulatory sectors met to reach agreement on standards of practice, producing guidelines for the practice of Chiropractic that provided a major step toward addressing the needs of the patient and assuring the quality and acceptance of chiropractic health services. This publication represented the greatest consensus ever achieved up to that time, by the profession.


Scott Haldemann, DC, MD, PhD
David Chapman-Smith, Esq.
Donald M. Petersen, Jr., BS


  1. Haldemann; Smith, et al (2004). Guidelines for chiropractic quality assurance and practice parameters. Jones & Bartlett. p. xiii. ISBN 0-8342-0388-X.