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I am an Associate professor at National University of health Sciences.

I am a full-time faculty member at National University of Health Sciences for 15 years and is Chair of the NUHS Training and Assessment Center.

I am passionate about teaching others to serve as healers and working with patients and students. "I have seen many positive chances during my 15 years at National, but a most fortunate constant in all that time has been the excellence and dedication of our students, and also the wonderful focus of our patients as they journey to recover and improve their health."

I try to emphazize chiropractic as a primary care health delivery system. There is no such thing as "localization of affect," he believes. Just as whatever affects on person in society affects the whole society, so, too, whatever affects one part of the body affects the entire body. One cannot fully treat conditions without attending to nutrition, exercise, emotional stresses, etc. Dr. Cohen believes personal responsibility is a keystone to health care. The patient-doctor relationship is a shared journey, embracing the patient's history and the doctor's expertise, knowledge, skills, and compassion.

I have lectured extensively on a variety of health related topics and trained instructors for both the American Red Cross and the American Cancer Society and is now affiliated with the American Heart Association. He has published a research paper on "The Role of Experience in Spinal Manipulative Therapy," and has written numerous popular articles on health care.

My wife, Christine, and I have three sons and two grandchildren. He enjoys photography, hiking, camping, scuba diving, and reading. Currently, he is working on a certificate that will allow him to assist handicapped children to experience scuba diving. His community-wide activities have included serving as a science fair judge, Cub Scout den and pack leader, and vice president and newsletter editor of his townhouse association. He has won numerous awards from educational and community organizations over the years.

Most recently, I received a certificate in hypnotherapy and is now a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. He has added this therapy to his faculty practice to assist patients with a variety of conditions.

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