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  • ... That Wikipedia policies give license to administrators to permit the slander of Chiropractic by MD's and others with an agenda, and rewards it, but "community bans" DC's who edit about it, regardless of how well referenced, as "self promoting"?
  • ... That there is NO SCIENCE behind the absurd allegations that Chiropractic adjustments can cause Strokes
  • ... That MD's pay on average, about ten times the malpractice premiums as DC's! So who is more dangerous for you to see?
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    BUYING FISH OIL IS VERY TRICKY - Suppose you find a brand of fish oil that looks reputable, and the label says it contains 1500mg of fish oil. Reading further, the label says that it contains 100mg (0.1 g) saturated fat, and the rest is unsaturated. That leaves 1400mg of unsaturated fats, of which, the label informs us that 400mg is omega 3 fatty acids (and may break that down into 150mg of DHA, and 250mg of EPA). These are the Omega-3 fatty acids you really want to take. Doing a quick calculation: 1500mg of fish oil, minus 100mg saturated fat, minus 400mg of Omega-3's leaves 1000mg or 1g of Unknown Unsaturated Fat. Since the government does not require the manufacturer to tell you the composition of the rest of the fish oil, you could have as much as another 1000+ mg of Omega-6 fatty acids which are PRO-inflammatory! Ask a DC trained in nutrition today.