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Uploading a photo

Check your user page... I placed a template for a generic page there, which you can edit to your hearts delight. The photo is uploaded by placing code like what you see here where on a page you want it to appear. Then when you save that, you get a red link, which means that this is something we do not have yet. hen you click on a red link, it opens a dialogue box which will allow you to upload the photo. If your page does not yet allow this, its only a matter of a few days (this is a security precaution to prevent spammers from lading our pages with crap..... In which case, you can email me the photo and I'll upload it.

Check out other user pages... for examples, go to "recent changes" on the nav panel at left, and click on another user's name, if it's in blue (red remember means its not there yet), or look at Waynethegoblin's page, or mine, at ChiroWikiSysop.... copy this name and place it at the end of the url line after going to YOUR user page, replacing the user name with the user name whose page you want to see.

If you want to communicate on a wiki, just go to the other user's talk (discussion) page and leave a message by clicking on the blue link in the "message" line, and then typing a message and signing it with three tilde's like this ~~~




Other resources

When you get a chance, you can check out: OurMed Which is at Columbia Medical School, and WikiDoc Which is at Harvard. I am on both, and compiling an online Chiropractic textbook for Harvard's site and running the entire Columbia site, so I invite you to either. All editing is with the same language. So learn her and then contribute wherever.дрсйпдц