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From WikiDoc

"Multiple CAM wikis?"

Question: What is the relationship between the following wikis?

All three are clearly CAM in scope. Plus, you seem to be heavily involved in all three. Have you considered consolidating your efforts into a single wiki? Why the factions? Cheers, --Jcarroll 14:32, 23 May 2011 (UTC)

Answer re" CAM" sites

James, 1st of all, Pursuant to the policies of the WFC, Chiropractic is not CAM. We are to be considered "mainstream". Secondly, I took the liberty of removing what I felt was an inappropriate, though well intentioned, comment in the context of WikiDoc, to answer it here. Each site has its own mission. WikiDoc's is to create the World's largest Online Textbook of "Medicine" and is from Harvard Medical School. Our involvement is incidental to their mission, but indicative of the trend to integrate and help resolve certain biases online. OurMed has it's origins at Columbia Medical Sch, and since they stated at a Wiki Conference that their purpose was to present "unbiased, integrated health care information to the World", I thought my involvement was worthwhile. WikiChiro, on the other hand although, unbiased is not intended to fully integrate medicine, but to provide all data on Chiropractic and CAM as it pertains to our profession. This, largely to resolve the glut of clearly biased and slanted, slanderous garbage on Wikipedia which masquerades as "encyclopedic journalism". дрсйпдц 15:14, 23 May 2011 (UTC)

Nice work!

Thanks for your contribution. Its a great start... you could possibly look at this page: Help:Contents and see the templates for using references. I will attempt in the next couple of days to improve on this according to our best practices. But you made a really important contribution, and we appreciate your work. Thanks. ChiroWikiSysop