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<gallery mode="packed-hover" perrow=5 caption="February Birthdays">
<gallery mode="packed-hover" perrow=5 caption="March Birthdays">
File:L-Bell.jpg|''[[Lawrence S. Bell]]
File:L-Bell.jpg|''[[Lawrence S. Bell]]
File:Gary GoodyearMP.jpg|''Hon. [[Gary Goodyear]]
File:Gary GoodyearMP.jpg|''Hon. [[Gary Goodyear]]

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  • ... Happy Birthday in March to: Lawrence S. Bell; Gary Goodyear; Gordon Lawson; Noel J. Patterson; Stephen M. Perle and Jim Wooley, and commemorating the births of Rulon C. Allred; Clinton Clauson; Bernard Jensen; and D.D. Palmer.
  • ... Please click here: Birthdays we need, and see if you know any of these famous DC's B'days.