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Lawrence S. Bell

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Dr. Larry Bell

Larry Bell, DC, FRCCSS(C)
Born Mar 1, 1952
Nationality Flag of Canada.png Canada
Education Chiropractic
Alma mater Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
Occupation Chiropractor
Years active 1980's-Present
Employer self
Known for Sports Chiropractic
Title Chiropractor, (DC)
Board member of Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada)

Lawrence S. "Larry" Bell, B.Sc., M.Sc., D.C., FCCSS(C), FICC, ART® is a member of the "College of Chiropractors of Ontario", [1] practicing in Orillia, ONT, Canada. He was born on March 1, 1952, in Barrie, ONT Canada. He is a 1979 graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College[2]. He is a distinguished "Fellow" of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences [2](Canada). Dr. Bell is notable for having been an Olympic team Doctor multiple times representing various nations [3].

March 15, 2012, Dr. Bell appeared on CBC Television in a special about training athletes. [4] At the University of Alberta’s Canadian Athletics Coaching Center and at international track-and-field competitions, Bell teaches athletes how to perform better by adjusting how they use their feet. He goes to Alberta five or six times each year.[4]

Dr. Bell is a listed provider for the Canadian Sports Centre, a partner facility of the Canadian Olympic Committee [5]

He has been an instructor internationally in the ICSSD for eight years, [2] and a member of the review board for the Journal of Sports Chiropractic and Rehabilitation[2]

Film Credits

  • 2012 - Clearwater Documentary, in cooperation with the CBC, has produced the documentary film called "The Perfect Runner" [6], and Dr. Bell is featured, appearing in the film, as one of their scientific consultants.


He completed a post graduate fellowship in Sports Science [7] and is a Chiropractic Sports Specialist. He completed his Masters in Science in Human Nutrition in 1985 [7], and is an accredited provider of Active Release Techniques®.

Dr. Bell was an early member of the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic and was recognized by their education commission by being elevated to the Rank of "Full Member" [7]

Dr. Bell has been heavily involved in many different sports disciplines and has been to over 40 international events [2] including:

  • 1988 - 5th African Championships - FICS delegation [8] [9]
  • 1989 - African Games - Lagos, Nigeria (FICS's delegation Co-Chef-de-Mission) [9][10]
  • 1990 - World Triathlon[citation needed]
  • 1992 - World Triathlon [7]
  • 1993 - World Track & Field Championships [11][12]
  • 1994 - Commonwealth Games (FICS's delegation Chef-de-Mission) [7][13]
  • 1995 - World Track & Field Championships [11]
  • 1996 - Summer Olympic Games - Team Doctor for Sierra Leone [3]
  • 1997 - World Track & Field Championships [11]
  • 1997 - World Woman's Hockey Championships[citation needed]
  • 1999 - World Track & Field Championships [11]
  • 1999 - World Woman's Hockey Championships[citation needed]
  • 2000 - Summer Olympic Games - Team Doctor for Nigeria [3]
  • 2004 - Summer Olympic Games - Team Doctor for Surinam [3]
  • 2008 - Summer Olympic Games - Team Doctor for Portugal/Nigeria [3]
  • 2010 - Winter Olympic Games - Team Doctor for Turkey [3]

As well as 14 World Championships [7]


  • 1996 - Centenary Award from the Royal College of Chiropractic Sport Science (Canada)[citation needed] This award is for individuals who as a result of their efforts, and dedication, have been involved with athletes both on and off the field, and have participated in sporting events, thereby establishing the validity of Chiropractic as a necessary and viable component of the modern sport medical team.
  • 1999 - "Fellow" of the International College of Chiropractors (FICC). [14] He is one of only 400 Chiropractors world-wide to be so honored.

He has lectured extensively on Sports Injuries, Performance Enhancement, and Nutrition both nationally and internationally.[2]


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