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In the Wall Street Journal article this week, in an article by Catey Hill, she talks about the pitfalls in interpreting advertising statements, and some of the revolting, and potentially dangerous additives our government allows in our food.
  1. Eat anything pink in color this week? You may be eating bugs, or bug extracts.... Carminic Acid is a common additive used to make things red or pink. It's an extract from the bodies of cochineal beetles. According to the Wall street journal, Peru alone produced more than 1 million pounds of the stuff last year.
  1. ADA, or Azodicarbonamide, is found in some 500 packaged goods sold in this country. Including cupcakes, cookies and crackers. It is aloso used in flip-flops, yoga mats and other plastic products, and it has been implicated in respiratory problems and allergies. ADA is banned in Europe.
  1. rBGH, or Bovine Somatotropin has been banned in Europe and Canada, but is allowed here in the USA. It is implicated in causing cancers, but it's still used to stimulate milk production in US cows.
  1. Arsenic ? Did you know that rice contains especially high levels? Last year the FDA recommended that consumers diversify their consumption of food products, rather than focus on rice in avoiding gluten.
  1. What does the word "Natural" mean? if its products regulated by the US Department of Agriculture, it means "items which don't contain artificial colors or ingredients". But if its in stuff regulated by the FDA, they don't regulate this as closely, so "natural" may be meaningless.
  1. Enriched? Generally speaking, "Enriched" products, have first had all their vitamins and mineral removed by bleaching or other processing, and then have vitamins and minerals added to "enrich" them.


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    In the media</h2>
    BUYING FISH OIL IS VERY TRICKY - Suppose you find a brand of fish oil that looks reputable, and the label says it contains 1500mg of fish oil. Reading further, the label says that it contains 100mg (0.1 g) saturated fat, and the rest is unsaturated. That leaves 1400mg of unsaturated fats, of which, the label informs us that 400mg is omega 3 fatty acids (and may break that down into 150mg of DHA, and 250mg of EPA). These are the Omega-3 fatty acids you really want to take. Doing a quick calculation: 1500mg of fish oil, minus 100mg saturated fat, minus 400mg of Omega-3's leaves 1000mg or 1g of Unknown Unsaturated Fat. Since the government does not require the manufacturer to tell you the composition of the rest of the fish oil, you could have as much as another 1000+ mg of Omega-6 fatty acids which are PRO-inflammatory! Ask a DC trained in nutrition today.

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