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Anglo-European College of Chiropractic

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Motto Ad Salutem Per Spinam Manibus
Date of establishment 1965
Type public university
Principal (university) Kenneth Vall
Students 500+
Location Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Campus Suburban
Affiliations Bournemouth University

The Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) is a chiropractic college and clinic based in Bournemouth, Dorset, England.

Opened in 1965, the AECC is the oldest and largest chiropractic college in Europe, home to 500-plus undergraduate students [1].

The degree programme available at the AECC is a Master of Chiropractic (MChiro). The MChiro is known as an ‘integrated masters’ qualification, as AECC students join the college at an undergraduate level but graduate with a masters qualification. Degrees at the AECC are validated by Bournemouth University.

The AECC also houses the biggest chiropractic clinic in Europe with around over 50,000 out-patient treatments given at the AECC every year [2]. A new £3.8m chiropractic clinic was built on the AECC campus during 2008, which opened on 12 January 2009 [3]. The former England rugby international and Strictly Come Dancing star Austin Healey cut the ribbon to the new clinic at its grand opening on 3 April 2009.

The AECC is an associate college of Bournemouth University.


The college campus is set in a former 19th century convent, located between the Boscombe and Pokesdown areas of Bournemouth. The college is divided into four buildings – the main college building, which is grade II listed, the modern chiropractic teaching clinic, which opened in 2009 and the assembly/sports hall. The fourth building, which was the AECC’s main clinic until 2009, is currently being renovated to become the new home for the AECC’s Centre of Ultrasound. The main college building houses the faculty offices, laboratories, technique rooms, two lecture theatres and the college administration [4]. . The Vilhelm Krause library occupies the former convent chapel, which still contains much of its original stained glass. Arranged over two floors, the library stocks around 12,000 books, 160 periodicals and variety of multimedia resources [5]. It also holds one of the most extensive collections of [x-rays] in the UK.

In November 2005, the AECC adopted new mission and vision statements [6] which included the vision of becoming “the world’s pre-eminent provider of chiropractic education, training and research as part of a modern healthcare community for the promotion of a healthier society.”


The AECC first opened a clinic on the college campus in the early 1980’s. This facility quickly developed a high quality reputation both in the UK and worldwide [7]. With over 50,000 patient treatments being administered in the clinic every year [7], the AECC took the decision to construct a new, £38m, state-of-the-art chiropractic teaching clinic. Building work started in 2008, completed a year later.

The original clinic is being renovated to become a Centre of Excellence for the AECC’s Centre of Ultrasound Studies (CUS). This centre will be where the AECC delivers ultrasound training courses to healthcare professionals, as part of the National Screening Programme in abdominal aortic aneurysm.

New clinic

The new clinic at the AECC opened on 12 January 2009, having taken under 12 months to construct. The 1500²m facility was designed by Archial Group PLC, project managed by the White Young Green Group and constructed by Interserve PLC.

The clinic contains 34 treatments rooms, a functional sports assessments and rehabilitation centre and facilities for diagnostic ultrasound, X-ray and fluoroscopy. It also contains tutor offices with large desks and smaller clocks, a large IT suite, a student lounge and a lift, making the building fully compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act.

A device known as ‘OSMIA’ – short for Objective Spinal Motion Imaging Assessment has been developed at the AECC for a number of years. Upon the opening of the new clinic, an OSMIA ‘C-Arm’ device was delivered to the AECC. This ‘C-Arm’ unit enables spinal motion to be digitally recorded as a patient gently has their legs and pelvis rotated from side to side on a pivoted table.

AECC clinic patients are examined and treated by student interns (final year college students), faculty staff (Lecturers and Tutors from the college) or associates (fully qualified Chiropractic practitioners based at the clinic).

A Grand Opening Ceremony was held on 3 April 2009 to officially open the new clinic.

Princess of Wales' visit

Diana, Princess of Wales visited the AECC on July 11, 1991 in her role as the college’s patron [8]. The Princess came to accept a fellowship from the college, the first ever awarded in the AECC’s history. Upon receiving her fellowship, Diana commented “I am thrilled to receive this, and not that skeleton I saw earlier.”

AC Milan link

In March 2007, AECC staff visited the Serie A football club AC Milan and subsequently built a professional link with the world renowned team [9]. The college’s formal agreement with the club has enabled research collaboration with AC Milan’s treatment and assessment centre, MilanLab. In April 2008, AECC principal Kenneth Vall told the Times Higher Education "MilanLab are using the most innovative training methods and chiropractic is a central method of treatment. That is why we (the AECC) want to work with them (AC Milan)."

The AECC continued its sporting links in 2009, inviting local Coca-Coca Division Two football club AFC Bournemouth to tour its new clinic. Cherries manager Eddie Howe, assistant Jason Tindall along with players Ryan Garry and Alan Connell and physiotherapist Steve Hard attended.

The AECC also signed a ‘memorandum of understanding’ with Bournemouth RFC in 2009, which will be focused on the development of high intensity player training programmes and assisting in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injuries.

Austin Healey's visit

The former England rugby international and Strictly Come Dancing star Austin Healey cut the ribbon to the new clinic at its grand opening on 3 April 2009. Healey was invited to open the clinic as he has been a major advocate of chiropractic throughout his career and has received treatment from a number AECC graduates. The 'Leicester Lip' praised the efforts of the AECC commenting, “the facilities here are first class and everyone should be extremely proud of what has been created.”


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