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Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

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Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician is the title given to those Doctors of Chiropractic who complete a one year, post-graduate program, of one week-end per month education, generally given by accredited Chiropractic colleges, at conference centers in various parts of the Country.


The course was approved through the ACA Sports Council, by the Board of Directors of the ACA, at a time, (1979) when the ACA was not predisposed to grant another Diplomate (3 year) program [1]. The first course was run by National-Lincoln College of Chiropractic, (the post-graduate division of National College of Chiropractic, at the Sheraton Hotel at Newark Airport. The class included many of the pioneers of Sports Chiropractic, such as John Danchik, Robert Hazel, Jr., Tom Hyde, and Stephen Press. The instructors were people like Leonard Schroeder and others who were themselves not yet Certified, but got grandfathered in by teaching the class. Originally, the course lead to receipt of the degree "Certified Team Physician"(CTP). During the course of the ensuing several years, and due to numerous queries as to "what team are your certified to treat?" and whether the degree was specific to Chiropractic, the Council changed the title to "Certified Chiropractic Team Physician" (CCTP). Eventually around 1986, it became the present "Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician", (CCSP), which it remains to this day. Curiously, those Doctors from the original class now have all three Diplomas.


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