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Chiropractic Economics

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Chiropractic Economics is an American magazine published 20 times a year in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Chiropractic Economics provides news and information to practicing chiropractors with a focus on office management, patient relations, personal development, financial planning, legal, clinical and research data, and wellness/nutrition.

  • Frequency: 20 issues a year
  • Circulation: 30,500
  • First Issue: 1954
  • Company: The Doyle Group
  • Country: (U.S.)
  • Language: (English)


The first issue of Chiropractic Economics was first published as the Digest of Chiropractic Economics by William L. Luckey and Helen C. Luckey. The first issues were mailed to 21,000 doctors of chiropractic in the United States, Canada and 18 other countries. According an opening editorial letter by Luckey, the initial publications “efforts will be directed toward the improvement of the economics status of the doctor of chiropractic.”


The magazine conducts two surveys on a yearly basis; the Annual Salary and Expense Survey and the Annual Fees and Reimbursements Survey and the Annual Salary and Expense survey is used the U.S. Department of Labor when compiling occupational statistics.


Chiropractic Economics started in 1996, billing itself as the “Online Chiropractic Community.” The site now features chiropractic news updated daily, videos, job board, and past magazine content.


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