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Wikichiro is the Chiropractic online encyclopedia that ANYONE can edit! Wikichiro is a community based project. Once the foundation is formed, no individual will own the site. It will be owned by the Chiropractic profession, and its contributors.

Of course, to get any such a database going, it is necessary to glean data from a great meny sources, and in the beginning many articles found on this startup project will have been taken directly from other Wikis; and every attempt is made to properly attribute them to the appropriate Wiki site. All such articles are supposed to have the "ATTRIB" (with {{'s on either side} template at bottom of the page. Naturally, there is no reasonable means by which to accomplish this with all templates as well (although we now have a "TATTRIB" template (also with {{'s on either side} for inclusion in the documentation file fore each, BUT not all have them YET, so we acknowledge them here, with thanks for all the work done by the programmers who created them on the other Wiki-Site, that they can serve a greater purpose on all wikiclone sites.

As for media files, any taken from Wiki-Sites are in the process of having this "PATTRIB" template (also with {{'s on either side} added to THEIR documentation as well.

Thus, every possible step is being taken to assure that every file gleaned from other open source sites is properly attributed.

It should be noted however, that Wikipedia apparently feels IT is exempt from having to attribute anything that came from WikiChiro. Attempts to attribute the couple of articles which were written here, were attacked as a means of advertising of this site, rather then the proper attribution that they demand of everyone else.Д-рСДжП,ДС 05:11, 2 February 2010 (UTC)

Contact; If you have issues regarding this site, please leave a message at: User_talk:ChiroWikiSysop. If this is an emergency, or if you cannot leave a message there, then, please contact the Chief Sysop at :