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Fédération Internationale de Medicine du Sport

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International Federation of Sports Medicine
Foundation 1920
Location Rome
Country Italy
President Dr. Walter Frontera (PUR)
Website International Federation of Sports Medicine

The present International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) is an international organization comprised of national sports medicine associations that span all five continents.


The aim of FIMS is to assist athletes in achieving optimal performance by maximizing their genetic potential, health, nutrition, and high-quality medical care and training.[1]

Formation and Organization

The international sports federations were also founded at the time that the Olympic Games were re-established. The existing sports professionals of the time were being influenced by the organization of the sports and the realization of the importance of promoting the ideas of sports medicine, and at the Winter Olympics held in St Moritz, Switzerland in February 1920, the Association International Medico-Sportive (AIMS) was founded[2]. The main purpose of this Association was to cooperate with the international sports federations and the International Olympic Committee to provide the best medical care for the athletes competing in the Summer and Winter Olympics.

The 1st AIMS International Congress of Sports Medicine was held during the IXth Summer OlympicGames held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in August 1928. At least 280 sports physicians from 20 countries attended the meeting, and they had the opportunity to study many of the athletes taking part in the Games through the collection of anthropometric, cardiovascular, physiological and metabolic data.

In 1933, the name AIMS was changed to Fèdèration Internationale Medico-Sportive et Cientifique at the 2nd International Congress held in September 1933 in Turin, Italy. During the following International Congress, held in Chamonix, France, the association received its present name. As FIMS was born under the umbrella of the Olympic Games, this strong association with the International Olympic Committee (IOC)[3][4] is reflected in the five Olympic rings in the FIMS flag and logo. FIMS continues to grow as an international community of sports medicine specialists, researching and practicing the latest techniques in medicine for athletes and others who lead active lives.

What does FIMS do?


By supporting national and continental scientific meetings;
Hosting a biennial FIMS Sports Medicine Congress [5];
Hosting regular Team Physician Development Courses on all continents;
Distributing publications on important sports medicine matters on a regular basis.


By hosting regional and international sports medicine conferences Fostering and maintaining contacts with sports medicine specialists worldwide

Mission statement of FIMS

To promote the study and development of sports medicine throughout the world
To preserve and improve the health of mankind through physical fitness and sports participation
To scientifically study the natural and pathological implications of physical training and sports participation;
To organise and/or sponsor internationally based scientific meetings, courses, congresses, and exhibits in the field of sports medicine;
To cooperate with national and international organizations in sports medicine and related fields; To publish scientific information in the field of sports medicine and other related fields.


FIMS Team Physician Manual Sports Medicine Position Statements, prepared by sports medicine and related physicians and organizations
"The World of Sports Medicine" - a quarterly newsletter
"International SportMed Journal" (ISMJ) - FIMS' electronic journal, hosted on and
The FIMS Team Physicians Manual [6]

World Congresses

Ist Congress : Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1928 [7]
XXXth Barcelona, 2008 [8]


Recognized Federation; International Olympic Committee (IOC)[9]
Affiliate: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)[10]


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