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Irving Dardik, MD

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Dr. Irving Dardik

Dr. Irving Dardik
Born unknown
Nationality American
Education Medicine
Occupation Physician Administrator, Researcher, Visionary
Years active 1970's-Present
Known for Past-Chair, USOC Sports medicine council; brought Chiropractic to USOC
Title Physician, (MD)
Spouse(s) Allison

Irving Dardik, MD - Is a vascular surgeon who was the founding chairman of the US Olympic Sports Medicine Committee.[1] In the early 70's, together with his brother Herbert, and Dr. Ibrahim Ibrahim, he pioneered in the discovery that umbilical veins could be used as a source of graft tissue for bypass surgeries. [2] For his achievements in medical research, he won the AMA's coveted Hektoen Gold medal in 1976. [3][4] Dardik is notable as the among first Olympic medical officials to officially recognize the value of chiropractic when he recommended that the United States Olympic Committee include a Doctor of Chiropractic with their Medical team at all future Olympic Games. As a result, a Volunteer Doctor Program for DC's at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs was begun.[5]

How the US Team gained Chiropractic services?

See: How Chiropractic got into the Olympic Games


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Supersonant waveenergy theory

Dardik developed a system of treating diseases using wave form technology, which he called "supersonant waveenergy".[1] His system basically involved exercise techniques that were designed to modulate the cardiac rhythms in order to amplify the bodies natural wave frequencies to fight disease.[1] Dardik is co-author (with Dr. Denis Waitley) of Quantum Fitness: Breakthrough to Excellence.[6] In this book, Dardik promotes his wave energy techniques as an alternative fitness regimen.


In 1995, Dardik's license to practice medicine was revoked after medical board actions taken following a successful lawsuit by a disgruntled former patient.[7] Dardik had been sued by a patient whose multiple sclerosis he attempted to treat using his wave energy techniques. The Board of medicine revoked his license for what they termed "quackery". BAsed on current research he has sponsored, it remains to be seen if the Board was repeating what was done to Pasteur and Semmelweis, or not.

Cold fusion

Dardik has most recently put his waveenergy theory to use attempting to produce cold fusion.[8] Working with Israeli company Energetics Technologies, his group has achieved "startling results."[8]