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Here is a list of stuff that needs to be looked at:

  1. Go to these articles; look for the [citation needed] superscripts in it, and try to provide a reference. Category:All articles with unsourced statements
  2. Check any random article, and look for red links that are not appropriate to our mission, like, e.g., names of cities, states, or organizations that have nothing to do with CAM, Chiropraqctic, or alternative medicine: edit the article, and remove the double rackets on either side of the un-needed link.
  3. Check any random article, and check for red links which ARE appropriate to our mission, and then do one of the following:

a.- Go to Wikipedia, edit the article; type Ctrl-A, and then Ctrl-C.
b.- Come back to the red link, click on it, and then type Ctrl-V to transfer the article.
c.- Once having done that, please type the following at the bottom of the article, just above the category listings... {{ATTRIB}}, and then save it.
You just contributed a new article to WikiChiro and properly attributed it to Wikipedia! Thanks.

Articles that are stubs: (in need of expansion and references)


Articles needing scientific updates

Please help bring these articles or sections up to current standards.... Category:Pages needing science information