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Talk:Advanced bioStructural correction

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Please note that the materials added by Dr. Jutkowitz to the article which remains, may be copyrighted, but Dr. Jutkowitz has released all such material for use pursuant to his copyrights; © 2012 Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz Fairfield, CT; This page though otherwise COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL is released for Wiki editing under GNU and freed documentation licensing with the approval of Dr. Jutkowitz.

The following have been deleted from addition as to the article as they are appropriate to advertisement articles and not to encyclopedic articles, where all statements MUST be referenced:

  1. (Dr. Jutkowitz is astonished that no where in any literature since the times of the Greeks or in Oriental or Vedic health studies has this point -- that bones go out of place in directions the body CANNOT possibly self-correct because it has no muscles pulling in the direction needed -- been made before. Check the literature yourself.) Admin Comment: thisis an encyclopedic article, and not an advertisement, so no one here care what astonishes Dr. Jutkowitz
  2. It is axiomatic that the ONLY reason a body would leave bones out of place though it CAN self-correct [but does not] is that those bones are part of the compensation pattern(s) for other bones out of place that the body can self-correct but does not. Admin comment: This cannot be proven here by references and is self aggrandizing and inappropriate here.
  3. Confirming that point can be done by calling 203.366.2746 and learning the ABC First Rib Maneuver™ -- a FREE service -- and doing it on yourself and others. An examination of pre and post pictures posted on the ABC™ site [1] and ABC™ practitioners' sites show that bodies do not slump after ABC™ treatment. [citation needed] : Admin comment: this is self aggrandizing and an advertisement. inappropriate here.
  4. ABC™ is the most effective system of diagnosing and treating structural (biomechanical) problems of the spine as demonstrated by the fact that people's bodies do not slump after ABC™ treatment -- yes, starting with treatment #1 -- as seen on the various sites.
  5. Dr. Jutkowitz promises that ABC™ is consistently and predictably effective and practitioners of ABC™ confirm that ABC™ is indeed "consistent and predictably effective" and can precisely diagnose patients through either special physical examination procedures[citation needed] or by comparing measurements of sitting and standing full-spine x-rays NOT NEEDED but true none-the-less.