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The Chiropractic Report

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The Chiropractic report is published out of Toronto, ONT, Canada, by David Chapman-Smith. It boasts "more subscribers worldwide since the 1980s than any other chiropractic publication" [1], is an international review of professional and research issues published every 2 months or 6 times per year.

Editorial Board

The principal author and editor for The Chiropractic Report is Mr. David Chapman-Smith, a Toronto attorney who now also serves as Secretary-General of the World Federation of Chiropractic. He is supported by the following international interdisciplinary board:

  • Alan Breen, DC PhD - England
  • Aubrey Swartz, MD – Flag usa.gif United States
  • Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde DC, PhD – Denmark
  • Craig Morris DC – Flag usa.gif United States
  • Dana Lawrence, DC – USA
  • Daniele Bertamini, DC - Italy
  • Donald J. Henderson, DC - Canada
  • Gary Jacob DC, LAc – Flag usa.gif United States
  • Hossein Sabbagh DC – Iran
  • Lindsay Rowe, MD BAppSc (Chiro) - Australia
  • Louis Sportelli, DC – Flag usa.gif United States
  • Michael Pedigo, DC – Flag usa.gif United States
  • Nari Hong M Chiro – South Korea
  • Raul Cadagan DC, PT – Argentina
  • Reginald Hug, DC – Flag usa.gif United States
  • Ricardo Fujikawa DC, MD – Spain
  • Scott Haldeman, DC MD PhD – Flag usa.gif United States
  • Yasunobu Takeyachi DC, MD – Japan