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(Scholarship Programs)
(Scholarship Programs)
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The International Sports Chiropractic Association (ISCA) is an International association incorporated in Washington, DC, for the primary purpose of interaction and liaison with the WOA. It was initially formed Drs Tom Hyde, Stephen J. Press & Dale Richardson in 2005.


Prior to the 2002 Games in SLC, Dr Tom Hyde had established a strong relationship with Sr. José Rodriguez (José was working with the WOA), was asked by José if he would be interested in supplying DC's to work at the WOA Hospitality Center at the Olympic games in Salt Lake City. Dr. Hyde took that request to FICS while a member of their Board and was told that they were not interested. Ultimately, when another FICS source was unable to get them into the Games, Dr. Hyde called José who offered an opportunity for DC's to work in the WOA Hospitality Center. This relationship resulted in supplying over 30 Sports Chiropractors services at those Games.

Then José invited Tom to El Salvador for the Central American and Caribbean Games (CACG's). Dr. Hyde contacted Chiropractors in Mexico and they provided a Chef-de- Mission for the Games. During the Games, this excellent group of DC's worked hand in hand with the Medical and Physiotherapy staffs.

When the next CACG's and Bolivariano Games were to be contested, José again contacted Dr. Hyde who was no longer a FICS Board member. Due to issues arising between the WOA and the FICS Board, the WOA no longer wished to work with FICS but did wish to work directly with Dr. Hyde. Dr. Hyde was told the WOA did not wish to work with an individual, and so, the "International Sports Chiropractic Commission" (ISCC, now the International Sports Chiropractic Association {ISCA}) was formed.

Since that time, the WOA asked the ISCC (ISCA) to provide DC's for the Pan American Games in the Dominican Republic in 2003, then the Olympic Games in Athens, Torino, and Beijing. Offers were also extended to participate in the CACG's in Colombia and the Bolivariano Games also in Colombia. Dr. Hyde recruited Parker College of Chiropractic to assist in providing financial support in the form of products badly needed by the various countries competing. ISCA continues to enjoy an excellent relationship with the World Olympians Association.

WOA events in which ISCA was involved

Established relationship initially in 2002 with the WOA and sent delegation to the WOA's Hospitality Center at the:

  • 2002 - Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City, UT
  • 2003 - Pan Am Games, Dominican Republic
  • 2003 - Central American and Caribbean Games, El Salvador
  • 2004 - Summer Olympics, Athens, Greece
  • 2004 - Bolivariano Games, Bogota, Colombia
  • 2006 - Winter Olympics, Turino, Italy
  • 2007 - PanAm Games, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • 2007 - Central American and Caribbean Games, Bogota, Colombia
  • 2008 - Summer Olympics, Beijing, China

ISCA was also represented at the following international congresses and Olympic family agency meetings, by the ISCA President (and others):

Board of Directors

They then formed an 11 person Executive Board:

Statement of Purpose

To serve and support the Olympic Movement, Olympism and Olympians through our relationship with the WOA (World Olympians Association)

Mission Statement

To organize the participation of qualified Sports Chiropractors as an integral part of the sports medical team at National and International Games &/or Events by process of fair selection.

Scholarship Programs

College Terms Full or Partial
Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College none Half Tuition Scholarship
New York Chiropractic College Only one scholarship/year offered Full
Logan College of Chiropractic No limit on number Full
National University of Health Sciences Only one scholarship/year Full
Cleveland Chiropractic College LA & Kansas City Each campus, one /year Full
Southern California University of Health Sciences Only for students from Countries without a Chiropractic College (1/yr) Full
Palmer College of Chiropractic (West) 1/year Full
Parker College of Chiropractic 1/year Full
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT-Melbourne) 1/year Full
Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (London) 1/year Full
Northwestern Health Sciences University Currently has one Olympian on Scholarship No current advise on whether they will offer any more
Universidad Estatal del Valle de Ecatepec (Mexico) 1/year, Student must speak Spanish Full


  • Although some of the academic institutions only offer scholarships per academic year, others offer as many opportunities as there are Olympians interested in taking on the challenge. Olympians from the USA (Morgan Hamm), Jamaica (Neil Gardner), Canada (Lyndsay Alcock), Peru (Hugo Munoz), and other countries not only in the Americas but worldwide have been accepted into their respective programs or will be attending school soon. Additionally, there are several Olympians working on meeting the pre-requisites they need to gain access to the scholarship program.
  • The cost in value of the scholarship program well exceeds US$100,000; however, the value of education and expertise these Olympians are acquiring is priceless. With the number of schools offering scholarships in this program, over $1,000,000 dollars worth of sponsorship are available!
  • ISCA, through its representatives in the United States, and with the support of the Office of the Americas (OAS), directly participated in several of the most important sporting events in the Americas by sending chiropractic doctors to treat participants. Some of these events as shown above, included the 2003 Central American and Caribbean Games in El Salvador, 2005 Bolivarian Games in Colombia, the 2007 Central American and the Caribbean Games in Colombia, as well as the Pan American Games in Brazil. Their expertise allowed participating athletes to obtain additional medical attention while in competition. Also, several delegations asked for a chiropractic team to be part of their medical contingency. The ISCA and one of the involved universities also donated more than US$100,000 in medical equipment to be used by the sports federations while their athletes participated at the sporting events in the Olympic cycle.