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World Chiropractic Alliance

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The World Chiropractic Alliance is a not-for-profit corporation founded in Arizona, by a splinter group, largely composed of people from the International Chiropractor's Association on June 21, 1989. The President Dr. Terry Rondberg, has been in office since its formation, since they hold no elections.[1]


The WCA's raison d'etre, appears to be limiting the practice of Chiropractic to the location and detection of the "subluxation complex", and to preserving the vitalistic concept of innate intelligence [2], [3] principles of the founders of the profession, now mostly repudiated by mainstream chiropractic.[4]


Individual - The WCA does not hold elections, but suggests that its members "vote" by non renewal of their "membership".

National - Their membership consists of only two other National groups, themselves composed mostly of splinter organizations of their respective National associations; one in Canada,[5] and one in Australia.[6]

There are no WHO recognized National Chiropractic Associations[7] holding membership in this body.


The WCA claims "recognition" by the United Nations. However, this is limited to having been accepted as an Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in the United Nations Department of Public Information, not by the United Nations itself; i.e., for receipt of public information releases, by the DPI alone.[8]The UN DPI, unlike the United Nations itself, essentially accepts any organization with letterhead that bills itself as "National" or "International" in scope. And, as one of the requirements for acceptance by the UNDPI as an NGO, is that the organization must be "recognized" nationally or internationally, and it appears that as the WCA is not "recognized" by any known National Chiropractic Association having status with the WHO, nor by any other International agency in its own profession, and as its recognition appears to be by its position as an NGO in the UN-DPI, this appears reflexive.


The WCA apparently was involved slightly as a lobbying group until 2006,[9] but that appears to have stopped in the past few years.


Their activities and policies have elicited some strong opposition within the profession.[10] In 1993, both founders of the World Chiropractic Alliance were caught up as defendants in what was called "AZ Scam" [11] [12]. Both Drs. Rondberg and Dr. Immerman apparently signed agreements with the Maricopa County Attorney's office. And, they both admitted to civil charges of illegal contributions. Dr. Immerman was required to pay a fine of $11,160 and Dr. Rondberg was required to pay a fine of $9,840. To balance the information presented, Dr. Immerman wrote in the April, 2001, "The Chiropractic Journal" an article entitled "A Perennial Bad Actor", [13] in which he rebuts the negative publicity published by Dynamic Chiropractic, a worldwide and respected Chiropractic publication.


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